HOG: E. M. Agbor

Youth Sensitization/Securitization

Youth sensitization/securitization is a programme organized periodically by the HEPUI NGO to re-orientate the youth against cultism, violence and other social crimes that may hinder them from self-discovery and determination to achieve a meaningful goal in life.

Ignoring the existence of cultism and lack of a willing tool to determine its bearing and direction of operation has been the major factors that contribute to un-informed society and insecurity in the world today.

The idea of confraternity was not bad as it was socially formed by the magnificent seven in 1953. The challenge is that the founding fathers only determined its bearing but were not able to control its direction and outcome in the academic, religious, political and economic environment.

However, the current societal and governmental fight against cultism was only geared towards bringing it to an end while on the other hand the said groups have modified their operation to blend with the environment and maintain it status quo even as their operation and code are divergent in the system. 

1. To identify them and allow them to exist and give them a value orientation to live by.
2. To inculcate a right culture and introduce entrepreneurialism into their system so as to change their mode of operation.
3. To organize seminars, empowerment and scholarship programmes so as to give them a sense of belonging and direction.
4. To formulate its form of membership and operation such that it does not conflict with directive principles of state policy.