As a multi-partner organization, the Initiative aims at keeping abreast the minds of people towards the security of their neighbourhood and society at large by ensuring synergy of efforts of all stakeholders in their respective constituencies to work for Global Counter Terrorism Strategy (GCTEST). The organization’s operation is global and its aim is to increase the awareness of Security Book to the ends of the earth. We believe that all men and women need security for safety living and prosperity.

The Heroes Advocacy platform is open for the participation of all interested individuals or corporate organizations regardless of geographical location. Through your partnership with us we can “reach more people with Security Book”. By registering as a Heroes/Heroines Advocate you become an enlightened campaign officer and an endorsed sponsor of our various efforts across the globe which entitles you to a lot of benefits like Award of Heroes/Heroines Excellence. As a Heroes/Heroines Advocate you can make a further commitment to become a Facilitator of Security Book and thus be responsible for looking out for and creating avenue for Initial Peace Security Research Exercise in different places.


Individuals like you have played a key role in helping the organization reach more people than ever before through their donations in materials and cash. You can open a donorship file today to find out project to sponsor such as

  1. Sponsoring yourself on Indicator Course.
  2. Sponsor the distribution of Security Book in your area of residence.
  3. Sponsor the distribution of Security Book in a post crisis area
  4. Others

The organization is only fuel by God and the donations we receive from individuals like you with your financial support today we can fund more projects .

To create account and take responsibility of a project with the initiative click on to register.