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About Security Laboratory

The Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative [HEPUI] NGO has designed a Security Laboratory that operates with six basic tools. These tools aim at helping individuals at various places of their endeavor to detect insecurity while it is still in its shell, set precaution to prevent, rehabilitate or manage.

The processes involve collection of data using Iya-Eguro process, assessment of current security situation and the application of Neighbour Assessment Tool to gain vantage position against any form of social vices. It gives internal security.

The Six Basic Tools:

1. Iya-Eguro Process refers to security X-Ray used to scan the insecurity an individual; witnesses while he/she was growing up, and the ones he/she is experiencing currently. His/her knowledge on the formation and operation of those insecurities, how it had affected his/her being, method adopted by him/her to recover dignities, and the legal approach applied during the process, as well as, the aim of the insecurity and the occupation of the parties involved. This process is represented on a template.

2. Neighbour Assessment Tool: Concentrates on the diagnosis of insecurity. It is a deliberate act of finding out the real identity of an individual using Peace-Security approach and this process is also represented on a template.

3. Peace Security Code: The dimension on which information is networked and disseminated.

4. Rehabilitation Tool: Focuses on rehabilitation of loved ones. It is a human reformation process use for resetting the mind of the radicalized and it is represented on a template.

5. Emergency Management Mode: Emphasizes on the prism of data collection from Security Book to manage human induced disaster and it also constitutes a template.

6. Statistical Techniques: These act as sensor to predict and forecast the future. #PeaceOneDay


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