There has not been a definite measure to absolutely control and minimize the emergence of new violence in the societies and business sectors, due to the fact that perpetrators are always faceless. So far, the phenomenon has caused indiscriminate mass casualties, regardless of age, sex, race and nationality. However, a number of factors will continue to enable terrorist groups to grow and survive. They include: conflict and instability, aspects of modern technology, a pervasive ideology, and radicalization. Unfortunately, these are variables that will remain an integral part of globalization. It is therefore safe to judge that the scale of the threat has the potential to increase and is not likely to diminish significantly in the coming years (NACTEST) 2014.
Terrorism always seeks to undermine business security. Its agents do not believe in the sanctity of human life the challenge has become a major international issue that requires a comprehensive proactive responsiveness to create an atmosphere where people are not only aware of their differences but are also understanding and willing to live and work together. Col (rtd) John Adache PhD I quote very frequently, corporations and organizations come under siege either internally or externally. Such threats which could either be real or imagined, natural or man-made, complex and dangerous. The threats keep workers and especially senior executives very concerned, worried, and restless as the very survival of the firm or organization, not just its profitability is at stake. Therefore by confronting threats and limiting risk, particularly through systematic business security approach, the company can assure its survival, gain a competitive edge and enhance shareholder value.
This security program anchors on Initial Peace Security Research Exercise for everyone at all time and in all places around the world. The initiative is to engage individuals at their area of resident as well as labour market by providing Security Book to enable them collect security data and analyse them. The major role of the initiative is to partner with United Nations, British Council, European Union, World Bank, African Union, Limited Liability Companies, philanthropists, virtuous individuals etc to teach civilians and security personnel how to detect insecurity while it is still in its shell, diagnose to set precaution, prevent, rehabilitate or manage. These services are offered voluntarily through our Security Laboratory which operates an indoor and mobile system. Thus we move from one neighbourhood to another to teach individuals or organize individuals and programme Peace Security Code to enable them detect insecurity while it is still in its shell so as to build critical mass of expertise for crime detection, prevention, rehabilitation, counter and management of human reaction towards reality. We help individuals in rural and urban setting to live safely; accordingly, individuals like you seek our services for their personal security.
Security Laboratory is a security service centre established by Heroes NGO to produce Security Book for individuals. Security-Book is a document that contains templates that investigate and provide high quality research covering all areas of personal experience on insecurity. It is a document equipped with detective intelligence and preventive mechanism for personal safety.
1. Collect primary security data within the neighbourhood and evaluate the state of security within and outside his environ.
2. Collaborate with security agencies to detect and combat crime.
3. Counter radicalization and deradicalize the radicalized using Peace Security Techniques.
4. Provide early warning information to relevant security agencies and other relevant authorities on activities, practices, indoctrination and campaigns by political, cultural and ethnic, social and religious groups that are capable of producing inter-group hatred, violent behaviours and activities – including terrorism.
Through this exercise individuals bring their security experiences for assessment and we guard them on how to set precaution to detect future occurrences, prevent and rehabilitate. It will encourage you to submit your original security experience so we can teach you how to investigate it at your convenience thus at your liberty.
The growth of violent crimes and other vices in our society now necessitates a neighbour assessment approach to address the issue of protection of lives and properties. In this wise, the Heroes NGO is engaging private individuals (Indicators) on detective and preventive mechanisms in the areas of their residents and place of work and the adoption is gradually moving from one citizen to another and one corporate body to another. You can enroll to acquire these tools to enable you do your security yourself.
We offer training for corporate bodies like:
(A) Banks (B) Hotels © Schools (D) Hospitals (E) Indicators (F) Communities (G) Neighbourhood (H) Filling Stations (I) Companies (J) Government Security and Civil Agencies (K) Families (L) Children