Through our tools in detection, prevention, countering and rehabilitation of insecurity, individuals seek our private services for their personal security from our SECURITY LABORATORY: Which is a service centre established by Heroes NGO to produce Security Book for individuals. Through this service centre individuals bring their security experiences for assessment and we guard them on how to set precaution to detect future occurrences, prevent and rehabilitate.

Security-Book is a document that contains high quality research covering all areas of personal experience on insecurity. We encourage private individuals to submit original security history about themselves and harness them into investigation process for their private use. Security Book is a document equipped with detective intelligence, and preventive mechanism for personal safety.

The growing of violent crimes and other vices in our society now necessitates a neighbour assessment approach to address the issue of protection of lives and properties. In this wise, the Heroes NGO is engaging private individuals (Indicators) on preventive mechanisms in the areas of their residents and the adoption is gradually moving from one citizen to another. You can enrol to acquire these tools to enable you do your security yourself.

We offer training for corporate bodies like:
A) Government Institutions
B) Hotels
C) Schools
D) Filling Stations
E) Banks
F) Hospitals
G) Indicator
Who is an Indicator (Private Individual)?
This refers to Musa in his neighbourhood, Chichi in her market post, Ade in his home town, civil servant and security personnel in his\her private home who can carry out an investigation in his immediate environment using Peace Security Scientific Approach.

As a National Working Group Member with the Office of the National Security Adviser on Policy Framework and National Action Plan for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in Nigeria to aid National Counter Terrorism Strategy (NACTEST), through a whole government and whole society approach, we shall work as Peace Security experts using Intelligent Colleagues System (ICS) to establish Indicators (Private Individuals) in their various neighbourhoods.

1. To collect primary security data within the neighbourhood and evaluate the state of security within and outside his environ.
2. Collaborate with security agencies to detect and combat crime.
3. Counter radicalization and deradicalize the radicalized using Peace Security Tools.
4. Provide early warning information to relevant security agencies and other relevant authorities on activities, practices, indoctrination and campaigns by political, cultural and ethnic, social and religious groups that are capable of producing inter-group hatred, violent behaviours and activities – including terrorism.

1. Self-Safety
2. Neighbourhood coexistence and confidence among citizenry
3. To achieve the principles of freedom, equality and justice and consolidate the unity of Nigerians and resuscitate the confidence of people to the government of the day.
4. Provide basic information about an individual, his social/physical environment and occupation.
5. Help in visualizing the relationship between his neighbour and his security.

Beneficiary Course Fee: Varies (Not Fixed):

If a nation is confronted by unknown factors, what God does is. He gives vision to an individual to help address the situation. The case of BHT is not exceptional.

HOG have developed a mental tool that will help security personnel and civilians detect insecurity while it is still in it shell, set precautions to prevent, counter or rehabilitate.

With N5000.00 we can train one Nigerian on how to build these tools into him. Support Peace Assignment in Nigeria by building your own capacity on Initial Peace Security Research Exercise today.

NOTE: You can also partner or work directly with us.