How You Can Become A Major Facilitator.

The growing of violent crimes and other vices in our society now necessitates Personal Security Approach to address the issue of protection of lives and property. In this wise, the Heroes NGO is engaging private individuals (Indicator) on detective, preventive and rehabilitation mechanisms in the areas of their residents and the adoption is gradually moving from one citizen to another. You can enrol to acquire these tools to enable you do your security yourself. Note: Security Book for each individual is vital to overcoming crime, HOG, while assuring Nigerians that the fight against terrorism can be simply won. In a statement delivered on social media HOG says, we can win the war against terrorism without losing ONE MILITARY. That is why it is vital for every individual to acquire E8 in Peace Security as a least grade to contribute to the security of his/her life and neighbourhood.

The Confluence Personnel is an educational department of the NGO that offers courses on Peace Security. The organ recruits and trains individuals who will be engaged as Major Facilitators; that is training the trainer, and field workers who will be used as staff of the organization.

The proposed course opens an employment opportunity for individuals who are seeking an employment with the organization and institutions who may wish to advance their staff or personnel skill on security to enrol and build their capacity.

1.Major-Facilitator: This category enlists participants who will serve as Major Facilitators on Peace Security. Applicants applying for these courses will under go training on Initial Peace Security Research (IPSRE).

Minimum qualification.
ND and must be between the age of 18 – 46 years. Registration and training fee N15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) Only.

What will be their services in the society?
These are classified into four thematic areas such as;
(A) Security Surveyors: These are experts in data collection.
(B) Peace Security Counselors: These are Experts in data analysis.
(C) Securiticians: These are Experts in implementation of Security Book.
(D) Emergency Personnel: These are Experts in emergency management mode.

Salary Basis
According to Civil Service Rate.