We Serve the Banks
The Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative NGO is on trance to keep the banking environment safe against banditry through analytical security approach.
The mission of the organization in the banking industry is to teach specific bank security personnel on how to adopt the Theory of Peace Security in diagnosing the security trend of a particular bank branch at a particular point in time.
The exercise is to equip the personnel with Peace Security tools to forecast and set precautions.

We Serve the Hotels/Companies
The Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative NGO is on gear to partner with companies securities in hotels, markets and shop owners etcetera to continually keep their crime control unit at a vantage position against terrorists’ survey and give them an edge to protect their facilities.
The NGO’s mission to get commercial activities swim in a peaceful environment is for the simple reason that violent extremism is bad for business. It hinders business locally and restricts foreign investment.
The special clause of the partnership is to equip internal security personnel of hotels, companies with an IQ to detect insecurity while it is still in its shell, set precaution to diagnose, prevent, counter or manage.
The exercise is to equip the personnel with the Theory of Peace Security techniques to forecast the security situation of their respective areas.
We Serve the Private Security Guards
Private security guards understand that their operatives may likely face greater challenges in the future if their personnel do not acquaint themselves with the analytical approach the Heroes NGO offers.
The programme is to strengthen the private security guards on proactive responsiveness against any form of insecurity through Detective Intelligent Quotient (DIQ) to enhance their effectiveness in their area of primary assignment.
Lack of detective measures and organized primary security data for crime unit to base their decision is more a critical challenge than the insecurity in the society. Now more than ever, institutions seek more detective intelligence for their operatives assigned to ensure safety of lives and properties of her facilities, work-force and customers’ safety. Security Department understand they are more likely to receive future challenges if their research operatives do not acquaint themselves with the Scientific Method of Peace Security. That’s why applicants and employees who have specialized skills on Initial Peace Security Research Exercise are in demand. This specialized knowledge helps to assess neighbours and neighbourhoods.