Pre-and Post- Election Programme is one of the initiatives of the Heroes NGO and it is composed to aid free and fair election and further assume a vantage position for co-existence in the country. The initiative covers significant areas during and after election as shown below:-

A) Pre-Election anchors on Peace Security which entails providing tools for detection, prevention and rehabilitation of deviants to aid free and fair election in the country.

B) Post-Election encourages parties to accept victory of any flag bearer who wins in a free and fair election and also build the citizens’ faith to support government to maintain peace. The problem we have in this country is that we choose to support individuals rather than the government. We need to distinguish between elective officials and government as an institution. Be objective still!

Who are the qualified persons to benefit from this programme?
1. Indicators: Individuals living close to the polling Unit.
2. Voters: these refer to individuals who are eligible to vote and be voted for.
3. INEC Officials: these refer to Independent National Electoral Commission’s assigned supervisors.
4. Non Voters: these are individuals who have no voters card, these parties are relevant in maintaining peace.
5. Major Facilitators: these refer to inducted members of the Heroes NGO who serve as facilitators in the exercise.
NOTE: Our Approach to Beneficiaries 1,2, 3, and 4 above is basically on Neighborhood Gathering.

1. Teaching beneficiaries on how to detect crime during an election while it is still in its shell, set precaution and rehabilitate
2. Program Peace Security Code in each Polling Unit.

Ø Raises funds, organizes workshop, sensitization programs and coordinates the activities of the Initiative and other responsibilities that the Board of Trustees or Chairman and Visitor HEPUI NGO may direct from time to time.
Ø Appoints the following Regiment Officers: Head of Projects, First-Adviser, Financial Secretary etc.
Ø The Head of State Directorate shall be addressed as Head of Regiment.
The role of the Confluence Personnel in Survey Department is to Identify and collect security data from the Neighbour and his Neighbourhood, Map out the Neighbourhood  and Program Peace Security Code, led by Security Surveyors
The role of the Confluence Personnel in the Analytical Department is to analyze data and transmute them into Security Book and Reporting of Findings, led by Peace Security Counselors.
The role of the Confluence Personnel in the Implementation Department is the Implementation of Security Book into identified and assessed neighbourhoods, Youth Sensitization-Securitization, Supervision of Reports, visualizing and projecting the relationship between the neighbour and his security and networking of neighbourhoods.
Evaluation of findings using Emergency Management Mode, Manage shock using Rehabilitation Tool, Identify Terrorist based/location and financing and set precautionary techniques.

You can become a stakeholder thus a decision maker on how money is spent and managed. You can even become a signatory to the NGO’s account by becoming a member as well as showing commitment to the organization activities; this program depends on your moral, financial and legal support.

How U can Support the Heroes NGO’s Goal and Become a Member:
1. Make payment to Heroes NGO Account No. 0048327353, Bank Type: Union Bank Plc, Account type: Hybrid. You can also make payment through our website on We also accept physical cash and acknowledge receipt within 24 hours.

Who can support the Heroes NGO Goal:
1. Politicians
2. Philanthropists
3. Religious Leaders
4. Civil Society Organization
5. Governments and International Bodies.

Program Organizers:
The Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative [HEPUI] NGO was inaugurated on 1st August in 2016 in Nigeria by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) as a National Working Group Member on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in Nigeria. The organization was formed to inculcate Peace Security in the minds of youth and adult alike. The organization also offers Online Certificates and In-House trainings. The organization has 2 years’ experience collaborating with government agencies and civil society organizations. We have trained over 585 Major Facilitators in various thematic areas.

For Enquiry send mail to or call: 09052451716, or visit our website on:

Program Co-ordinator:
HOG: E. M. Agbor
Chairman HEPUI NGO
The Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative [HEPUI] NGO
Nasarawa – Nigeria
Tel: 08105741293