….. and some seeds fell on a good ground!


Enlightenment Campaign Officer (ECO): Is a representative of the Heroes NGO assigned to sensitize individuals, groups of people and organizations on the services of the Heroes NGO, and to raise funds.

The Programme is a sensitization initiative geared towards enlightening the public on the concept of Peace Security and how to become involved and get services. The program is composed of people from different works of life and race, it aims at reaching out to philanthropist, men and women of virtue including children of school age who may wish to get peace security services or support our various projects across the globe.

Registration fee N1000.00 (One Thousand Naira) Only for ID Card.

Individuals who serve as Enlighten Campaign Officers are paid 5% of their daily returns to the organization.

SOURCE OF INCOME:- The sources of income of the initiative include;
1. Accepts donations (in cash and in kind) from individuals, corporate bodies, religious bodies (churches and mosques) government agencies, NGO, and international aids donor.

2. Receives grants or assistance from individuals, Trust Funds, foundation, associations, initiatives, institution, and other charitable or philanthropic organization in Nigeria and beyond.

3. Collect money in cash or by cheque, Real Estate Properties (land and building) clothes, raw food from donors.

4. Raise money from individuals, companies and organizations that may consult the Heroes NGO services.

5. Sell the book Positive Thinking Engenders Greatness to raise funds and sponsor Peace Security.

Corporate Account of the Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative NGO
Acct No: 0048327353, Bank Type: Union Bank Plc
Acct No: 1021050618, Bank Type: UBA