HEPUI Major Facilitator Workshop

A Heroes/Heroines Advocate is a licensed Enlighten Campaign Officer (ECO) of the NGO who informs people about the work of the Security Laboratory. The post of an ECO is a voluntary service, advocates are not contract paid but we graciously appreciate their efforts and give Award of Heroes/Heroines of Excellence to the best participants of the year.


A Major Facilitator is a tutor of Security Book who has acquired such training from the Educational Department of the Initiative to train indicators on how to apply Peace Security for their personal safety. Facilitators are contract paid parties.

Qualification to become a major facilitator

  1. A party applying for a post of a major facilitator must poses minimum qualification of Nigeria College of Education (NCE) Certificate from any government approve institution
  2. Have undergone through an Indicator Course with the NGO
  3. Have undergone through Enlighten Campaign Officer course and served within a period of six months as an ECO personnel
  4. Undergo a Major Facilitators Workshop for a period of 21 days.
  5. Write major facilitators’ exams and reports.
  6. Defend his report with the educational committee on IPSRE

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