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We can win the war against terrorism without arms.
Peace Security will tell you how!

It has been popularly said if you want peace prepare for war but today Heroes NGO is saying if you want peace build it. Since you cannot solve a problem at the same level it was created.

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How You Can Become A Major Facilitator

REQUIREMENT FOR REGISTRATION TO BECOME A CONFLUENCE PERSONNEL Applicants applying to the Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative [HEPUI] NGO to acquire accreditation on Initial Peace Security Research Exercise capacity to function as Major Facilitators or Confluence Personnel are to meet up with the following requirements. @ For online Registration click


THE CONSULTATIVE DEPARTMENT OF THE HEROES AND HEROINES OF PEACE AND UNITY INITIATIVE NGO. Through our skills in detection, prevention and rehabilitation of insecurity, individuals seek our private services for their personal security from our SECURITY LABORATORY: Which is a service centre established by Heroes NGO to produce Security Book for individuals. Through this service centre individuals bring their security experiences for assessment and we guard them on how to set precaution to detect future occurrences, prevent and rehabilitate.

Enlighten Campaign Officer

Enlightenment Campaign Officer (ECO): Is a representative of the Heroes NGO assigned to sensitize individuals, groups of people and organizations on the services of the Heroes NGO, and to raise funds. The Programme is a sensitization initiative geared towards enlightening the public on the concept of Peace Security and how to become involved and get services. The program is composed of people from different works of life and race, it aims at reaching out to philanthropist, men and women of virtue including children of school age who may wish to get peace security services or support our various projects across the globe.

Initial Peace Security Research Exercise (I.P.S.R.E)

HEPUI Major Facilitators Portal

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Peace Security is a social security network used in making everyone guarding everybody through scientific approach and literal medium thereby entrenching confidence in the legal freedom among persons. Peace Security is a time and place where people have confidence in the legal freedom of others. Initial Peace Security Research Exercise therefore, is the conceptual framework designed to elicit on Peace Security. The concept operates through six units such as; Directorate, Survey, Analytical, Implementation, Evaluation and Codes Indicator Unit.


Overview Lack of primary security data for emergency management teams to base their decision is more a critical challenge than the insecurity in the country. Now more than ever, security agencies seek more detective intelligence for their operatives assigned to ensure safety of lives and properties of her citizenry. Security organizations understand they are more likely to receive future challenges if their research operatives do not acquaint themselves to the Scientific Method of Peace Security. That's why applicants and employees who have specialized skills on Initial Peace Security Research Exercise are in demand. This specialized knowledge helps to assess neighbours and neighbourhoods.

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